Our Vision

We are living in a new Age of Exploration, the New Space. The space sector is getting democratized and open to everyone.

We are about to experience a future where humankind becomes a spacefaring civilization.

SpaceWay is raising the next generation of explorers by igniting curiosity about space.

ActInSpace Toulouse - SpaceWay Team

Our Mission

We see a future where Portugal has a recognised global authority in the science and economics of NewSpace. We plan to become a key player
in building national capacity and skills among students and professionals for the Portuguese Space Sector.

Our mission is to be your “Way to Space

Water Rockets Workshop -space way

Our Values

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We are incredibly curious about the unknown.

For us, asking questions is as important as finding solutions.

The right questions push the boundaries of knowledge.



Everything connects to everything else.

Unity and engagement are key for a sustainable future.

The more connected we are, the more opportunities we can create and attain.



We are visionaries and futuristic.

Our mind is opened and oriented for the big picture.



We are explorers. We constantly look for solutions.

Innovative thinking opens the way for originality and boldness.

Water Rockets Workshop -science camp

Inspire, Teach And Connect

” The power of obtaining knowledge is all about curiosity “