Instituto Pedro Nunes – Coimbra: 25 May 2018


ActInSpace® is an international innovation contest inspiring young minds worldwide to meet challenges based on space technologies, data, patents and infrastructures to launch start-ups into all areas of our daily lives.

The objective is to foster entrepreneurship, encourage start-up creation and promote the use of space technologies and space acquired data to change citizen’s lives, to boost employment and to protect our planet.

ActInSpace® contest was initiated by the French Space Agency (CNES) uniting over 60 cities across 5 continents. ActInSpace® is supported by ESA and the ESA Business Incubation Centres network.


Our team “PT Explorers”, won the AIRBUS INNOVATION PRIZE in the 2018 Edition.



The idea presented consisted of a space data relay network for Earth-observation satellites, reusing the OneWeb Arrow platform.



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